Has Bobrisky Succeeded in Fooling us all? | WATCH VIDEO

Bobrisky finally had his much anticipated interview with Adesuwa Onyenokwe on Today’s Woman and he had a lot to say. Of course, it’s Adesuwa, she got him comfortable. All in all, this was an entertaining interview. Definitely more entertaining than a similar one he had with TheNETng earlier. He dished out on how it all started. You can skip the “they use to call me Bobo… you know Bobo, bobo Bobo” part to get to the sweet bits where the heart of the story is.

What we got from this interview? This is a young Nigerian who found what makes his audience tick and has stuck to it. The act rakes in the money and Bobrisky likes the money. It isn’t enough to just sell unisex wears in Ikeja or mix whitening creams for sale in Nigeria and export to “London, Germany and the United States”. You have to showcase what you’re selling and if that requires an act then, in his words,“you have to be risky”.

This interview wasn’t about whether Bobrisky is gay or not, not at all. That’s what many of the tabloids have got wrong. It was about the reason behind Idris choosing to become Bobrisky.

When Adesuwa asked him why he decided to change his skin tone, he went into a monologue about how unhappy he was when he was dark. It wasn’t just his complexion. It was also the circumstances of his life that made him unhappy. But he changed that. Apparently. Along with his“A-black skin”too.

Nigerians love to be entertained and Bobrisky has cashed in on that. Who are we now to complain? Or worst still, try to impose a struggle that he clearly doesn’t want to fight on behalf of anyone or group? Far as Bobrisky is concerned,

Earlier, the first openly gay Nigerian, Bisi Alimi shared a post via his Instagram “in response” to Bobrisky’s comments during the interview about his support of Nigeria’s anti-same-$ex legislation. Bobrisky says, unprompted by Adesuwa, but to buttress his point about not being gay, that he supports the Anti-LGBTI law. And now Bisi Alimi is furious? Why?

A friend brought my attention to an interview @bobrisky222 granted Adesuwa. In the interview, he was asked if he is gay, he said no and with no prompting said he supports the anti same $ex prohibition law 2013. Dear Bobrisky, I have a message for you. I will be very happy to educate you for free on how your bigoted, hateful comments are putting #LGBT people lives at risk. I will also like to let you know, how making money by making fun of what other people are dying from is no fucking joke. Yes, I will give you and your likes a crash course on decency, human dignity and respect as I can see you lack the fundamentals that makes someone a responsible human being. I will be here if you need me, have a nice day.

A video posted by Bisi Alimi (Official) (@bisialimi) onSep 26, 2016 at 1:28am PDT

“Bobrisky just wants to sell cream.”
On a final note though, whether he is gay or not, we maintain that Bobrisky, through his acts (or by being himself) has opened up the floor for a much needed conversation around issues of $ex and $exuality in Nigeria. And we are ready.
Oh before we forget, watch the video below:

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