Baller Alert!! Tyga Purchases $45,000 Grill

In 2016, Tyga’s grill game is stronger than ever. Check out his latest purchase, a custom set of mouth bling worth $45,000.
Tyga has always kept his mouth full of diamonds, but his latest purchase is extravagant even by his standards.

He bought a grill encrusted with a total of 1400 diamonds. The creator of the lavish mouthpiece is well-known celebrity jeweler Ben Baller. The cost of Tyga’s icy new smile? That would come to $45,000. The 18-carat piece is officially the most expensive grill that Baller has ever been commissioned to design.

Baller showed off the new grill shortly after its completion in a video he put up on Instagram. You might wanna turn your brightness down to protect your pupils from the array of searing lights that spring from the thousands of rare crystals. “Its official,” he wrote, proceeding to tag his high-rolling new client, “@kinggoldchains has the hardest diamond grill in the world.”

It’s official @kinggoldchains has the hardest diamond grills in the world. Our best work. All invisibly set princess cut VVS diamond borders. Game over. Step your game up and f**k with us @IFANDCO #Tyga #LastKings #IFANDCO

A video posted by (@benballer) onJun 25, 2016 at 11:43am PDT

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