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Awoof: Glo Festive Promo – Glo Launches Overload & Allawee

Awoof: Glo Festive Promo – Glo
Launches Overload & Allawee

Glo Overload automatically credits
subscribers with 200 percent airtime
and a data bonus every time they
recharge with NGN 200 or more. Glo
Allawee gives every new customer
NGN18,000 worth of free airtime for
calls and text messages.

Under Glo Overload promo, subscribers
are guaranteed 200 percent bonus
airtime automatically for every airtime
recharge of NGN 200 and above. For
instance, a subscriber who recharges
with NGN 200 will automatically get
NGN 600 airtime; a NGN 500 recharge
will give the subscriber NGN 1,500
airtime; a NGN 1,000 recharge will give
NGN 3,000 airtime to the
subscriber; NGN 2,000 recharge will give
NGN 6,000 airtime and NGN 5,000
recharge will give the subscriber NGN
15,000 airtime.

It also gives 200% of bonus data for any
new data plan or renewal from NGN
2,000 and above. For instance,

N2,000 gives 2.5GB
N3,000 gives 4.5GB
N5,000 gives 12GB
N8,000 gives 24GB
N10,000 gives 33GB
N15,000 gives 51GB
N18,000 gives 63GB

Will it Work on my Device?

Yes, this is not a Blackberry plan, so
tweaking of IMEI is not necessary. It
works on all smartphone, PC, tablets,
Phablets including iPhones/iPads.

How Can I Enter This Promo?

Just dial *200#

We hope to see more cheaper promos
from Glo.

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