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Amazing-This makeup artist can transform herself into anything (Photos)

2 year old make-up artist Belinda
Maines can transform herself into
anything she chooses to.And its all using
makeup .The interesting thing is, she had
no training and does it for
fun,showcasing her work on
instagram ,until she caught the interest
of the team behind BBC show, Doctor
Who..She said

I just started doing this in my
bedroom at night,’I’ve had no
training, it was just something that I
enjoyed doing. It’s a fairly cheap
hobby. I buy face paints from fancy
dress shops and they only work out
at £1 each.As well as that I use things
I find around the house, CDs that I cut
up, beads from necklaces, pots of
glitter and old eye-shadows.’It’s a
horrible feeling to see all that work go
literally down the drain, but once I’ve
taken a picture there is no reason to
keep it on,’ she explained.

‘A few times my neighbours have
caught sight of me in the garden trying
to get good lighting for a photograph.
They stand staring with their mouths
‘Once a man even got the rest of his
family to have a look but I always get
positive reactions online though.’They
got in touch to say how much they
liked my work, ‘I would love to do
make-up for one of a zombie movie –
that would be incredible.’

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