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Airtel Webpass Unlimited Browsing (READ)

Airtel Webpass Unlimited
Browsing (READ)

If you’re a fan of opera mini
browser and you’re using airtel,
this is for you!!

Source: Naijabridge.com .Airtel
webpass is a cool pay-as-you-go
plan with a daily, weekly or
monthly subscription service!!
Airtel webpass is cheaper an
gives you unlimited internet
access as long as you’re using
opera mini browser.

Getting Started

1) Check out the prices of their
plans here

2) Recharge your phone with the
amount charge for the plan of
service you want to subscribe for.

3) After recharging, visit the same
link above, check for the plan
and select buy. This will direct
you to a confirmation page. Then
select confirm!
Immediately, exit your browser
and restart it, then start surfing.
Am currently on a month plan
which costs just#400…

Webpass Limitations

With webpass you cannot
1) Stream / watch online videos.

2) Download File Above 15mb.

3) Run Other Applications
without having a data bundle.
Webpass is based on time as such
it cannot be paused and stopped
until it expires!

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