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Airtel Launched TryBe Plan – It Offers Free BBM, Whatsapp & Twitter

Airtel Launched TryBe Plan – It Offers Free BBM, Whatsapp & Twitter

Mtn is just busy giving their surprises,
Etisalat is busy giving double your
recharge promo; Glo is busy thinking of
employing someone who knows how to
stop Glo Bis on Android; but Airtel is
busy launching new Plan to suite their
subscribers. But I am busy looking for
loopholes so that surfing can be easier
for all device owners.

All thanks to “ WIZ_CODED
” for this info. Airtel Nigeria just
launched another plan calledTryBePlan
and I’m pretty sure all Airtel users are
going to enjoy this plan. According to
them, this plan offers free calls,
unlimited whatsapp,free bbm, and

How Can I Migrate to This Plan?

Dial *312#

This plan has not been officially
announce on their website but it’s
available on their twitter handle. You
can call CC for more info about this.
Not only that, but there is another plan
recently launched called Airtel Football
Blitz. With this plan, you recharge #200
and Enjoy N300 bonus for Calls & SMS
plus 10 days of live Football Match
updates.I’m sure football fans are going
to like this because you are going to get
free 10days football highlights and chat.

How Can I Migrate?

Dial *624#

Just be at alert because I smell loopholes
all around.

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