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Airtel Introduces New Unlimited Data Plan, Check In Here For The Full Info.

Another Android Data Plan has been launched… in their words, they call it a promo, but in my words, I call it a temptation. A temptation because it works on PC, and doesn’t zap data on PC

The newAirtel Android Promoplan offers you 4GB for 2kto last you for 2months, and 9GB for #3,500to last you 2months.

Who Should Go For This Plan?

==>Everyone who has Strong Airtel Network in their locality

==>Has not succeeded in tweaking their IMEIto blackberry

==>Every iPad/iPhone users

==>Every PC users.

Mind you, this plan works on all platform

even Nokia touch with enabled gprs…lol!

How Can I Get This Plan?

==>For 4GB dail *437*1# ….#2, 000 will be deducted from your account

==>For 9GB Plan, dial*438*1#…#3,500will be deducted from your account

Dial the code before you recharge your line to know if you are eligible for this offer.

What If I’m Not Eligible For This Offer?
If you are not eligible for this offer, just call CC and I believe they will tell you what to do.

I really think the issue of eligibility should be erace if they truly want an headway with this plan.

The question now is, are you eligible? … and if you are, will you rock this offer

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