Actor Mike Godson warns that criminals made fake drivers licence with his identity to defraud their victims

Mike Godson took to his Instagram page to notify his fans and the general public that some criminals have made fake drivers licence of him which they use to extort money from victims. Below is what he wrote:

“Hello friends, I need to notify you all again. It is a shame that this keeps happening in Nigeria. Some persons actually made a fake drivers licence of me just to convince their victims to send them money. I am begging each an every one of you to be careful!!! I AM NOT ON FACEBOOK. Please who ever pretends to be on face book is only trying to steal from you. I have said this a million times here. PLEASE I DON’T HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!! I DON’T HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!! I DON’T HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!! BE WARNED!!!”

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