8 Things Guys do That Instantly Make Them HOT (Photos)

Everyone knows that moment. That moment when you’re hanging out with a guy who’s just kind of cute and everything is going totally normal and you’re completely in control and then he does something unexpectedly that’s totally not a big deal but for some reason it makes him a billion times hotter in 0.5 seconds flat and makes you want to fall on the floor fanning yourself from all the feels.

Sometimes your mind wanders over images of men throughout your life who have made your breath catch, and skin tingle, just by being in their presence. Sometimes it’s how a t-shirt clings to one man’s shoulders, or how another held your gaze unabashedly over a glass of wine.

Below are some things guys do unknowingly that make them instantly hot

1. When they roll up their sleeves
Skip short sleeves and roll up your long sleeves.

2. When they are not afraid to show emotions.
A man isn’t strong unless he is also vulnerable. This means he can tell you what he wants, when he’s afraid, how you make him feel, what he did that he’s made amends for, what he’s overcome, what brings him to his knees. Transparency is important.

3. When they loosen their ties a little bit

4. Warmth
It’s exhausting trying to connect with someone behind walls. Compassion, empathy, a ready smile, an easy laugh — these traits and actions are disarming in the best sense of the word. Kind is S3@.x:’y. It just is.

5. When they wear fitted suits in general
Don’t they just look hot in well tailored suits?

6. When they take their shirts off

7. Intellect
A beautiful mind is S3@.x:’y. IQ points are great, but that’s just a piece of smart. Critical thinking, an unquenchable thirst for learning, and a gift for distinctive self-expression. Some women care less about your body or how gorgeous you are, they want to be enticed with your mind.

8. When they take their shirts off in general.
Let’s be real, guys look looks hot when they take off their shirts.

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