8 Things Ghanaian Women Find Difficult Doing (Photos)

What a man can do, a woman can do better is a popular phrase that drives women empowerment.

However, no matter the number of times this statement is made, there are things women find difficult to do in everyday life. It’s not like they can’t do it but I believe sometimes it’s fear that prevents them from doing it.

Below are some things women find difficult doing.

1. Change A Car Tyre
Changing a car tyre ends with you having your clothes and hands soiled with dirt and sometimes grease. Before changing the tyre also, one must lift the car with a jack and that act demands some strength to accomplish. I guess this is what makes it difficult for women in general to change car tyres.

2. Fix A Light Bulb
This has got to do with electricity and women fear electricity. It doesn’t matter if the switch is off. The process of climbing a stand and turning the bulb in the holder to remove it and then replacing it is not quite amusing to women.

3. Fix A Clogged Kitchen Sink
A choked kitchen sink can be a nightmare for a lot of people. It’s either you use the suction cup or you remove the tubes and cups under the sink. This is quite a messy process. It has an awful smell too.

4. Wash Their Car
Washing a car is a messy task. You’ll get yourself wet and dirty. Going down to wash and clean the tyre, the bumper, top etc., can be quite a task. I guess that’s why women do not like doing this task.

5. Mount A TV Antenna
This is one thing I’m yet to see a woman accomplish successfully. Even indoor antenna’s they find difficult to fix not to talk of outdoor ones which will probably involve climbing a ladder or getting on the roof of a building.

6. Connect TV With DVD Or Any Other Appliance
This is a job that requires some technical knowledge in the appliance, the type of cable and the kind of connection. It can get very frustrating since it’s not always that straight forward.

7. Walk Barechested
This is something only men can do comfortably every day and get away with it. If you like, try and let’s see….lol

8. Drive In Heels
A lot of women get into their cars and take off their shoes before driving, this is because they find it difficult driving in them. Heels on their shoes are normally long and therefore can get quite uncomfortable driving in them. It can get in the way.

Women love so many things about a man apart from money.

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