5 Tips On How TO Stop Being Average (Mediocre)

So you want to be the best and stop being average? Then here are some amazing tips that has worked for bunch of people. It has helped them in crossing the mediocre level into become a smarter and more successfully individual.

If you find yourself in the mediocre category, then this tips would help you to be a better person.


Most people just do things because they see others doing it. They do it because they don’t want to be idle. Well, that’s what most people do, and if you really want to be a better person, if you want to go beyond being an average individual, then you need to find purpose in whatever you intend to do.

So you want to play football everyday? Then find purpose in the football game, why are you playing it? Do you want to become a better player, or you simple want to exercise your body? or you want to meet new people? Just make sure you’re doing it for a particular reason.

When next you’re about to do something, pause for a while and ask “why?”  If you can’t answer yourself genuinely, then find something better to do with your time.


If it were to be possible and easy for everybody, then everybody will be successful ad making serious money and doing well in whatever they lay their hands upon. But the truth is that life is never designed to make things easy.

Take for example, when digging for Gold, as precious as it is, you would be required to dig very deep before you get the precious stone. Why can’t we just get it under the soil instantly? We can’t because every good thing takes time and effort and those are what perseverance entails.

So you want to be a music star and you’re not getting signed or called up for any show? Don’t quit, keep at it. You just started your business and it seems it’s not going as planned? Don’t stop, keep at it… You want to travel abroad, and your visa application has been rejected twice? don’t stop! Keep trying.

And when you persevere, life would respect your effort and hand over what you deserve to you.

When next you feel like quitting, tell yourself that the only reason people fail is because they stop trying.



Find some amazing people and associate yourself with them. You don’t have to know them physically. They might be author, they might be an actor, they might be a politician, they might be a muscian. Just find at least five (5) amazing people that are doing well in life, and follow their life closely.

Take your time to see how they’re doing well. Follow them on social media, read books written by them, read about their life and monitor their daily moves. This would not only give you an idea as to how they get to where they are, it will also serve as a means of motivating yourself to do more. Because the more you look closely at their life, the more your believe in your self.

Find somebody in your desired path of life and make them your mentor. If you’re in the business world, look for successful business mogul and monitor their life. If you’re an aspiring musician, find yourself a mentor in the industry.



This is pretty simple. Things don’t just happen, you need to take action. Inaction is man’s greates enemy. If you find something very interesting, don’t hesitate to check it out. If a business idea cross your mind, don’t hesitate to invest. Take action after every thought.

After reading this post, take action and do what it teaches. ?


#5. TIME:

This is the most expensive currency in the world. You can’t get more than 24hours per day, but you can make the best of it. This is what makes the difference between the poor and the rich. The both have the same time but they use it in a different way.

Don’t spend your time arguing about football match, you’ve spent enough time watching and entertaining yourself, when spend another hour talking about what the player should have done during the match? It’s lame.

Spend your time wisely. ?


That’s it people.


PS: This is my very first post on here, and hopefully one of many post to come. So welcome a brother into the fold by dropping your comment. Show some love joor. ?

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