5 Things Nigerians Do In Church That God Probably Hate.

Happy Sunday…. But before you reply, I’d like to tell you the truth this morning ?

Nigerians too like to dey try God….

We are always doing something that would probably vex him. Hopefully we won’t end up like Sodom and Gomorrah is we continue this way.

So here are the five things we do in church that God probably don’t like.

1. Phone Charging:
If I have a friend and the only reason why he comes to my hood is because my light is better than his,  then I won’t really like it when he visits,  because I know he’s not coming to check up on my,  he just wants to charge his phone and laptop.  And when am unable to pay bills and my light goes off,  he would probably not come visiting again

So I think God probably feels the same way.  Abi?  ?

Don’t go to church coz u want to charge your phone.  Shey when church no dey on Monday,  u no charge your phone ni?

2. Chatting :
OK,  maybe not full blown chatting,  but checking your phone every 5minutes, to check gltrends,  nairaland and goal.com  isn’t really cool na..

Bruh,  all that can wait till after service.  It’s just like pinging when talking to Buhari.  And Buhari position as compared to God sef,  e small.

3. Babe Scouting:

The only reason why some people go to church is because they want to psyche a babe.  They know fine girls will always come to church,  so they dress up in their best attire and sit comfortable behind one nice babe,  waiting for the right time to strike a conversation.

Bruh….  If na babe you want,  go to club on Saturday,  or use Facebook the more.  Why turn my father house into garden of hunting babe na?  ??

4. Business:
Some people no even fear say,  Jesus vex the last time people were selling in the church.  Back in dem days…

Many ladies go to church because they want to pitch their business to other ladies.  Go and check their car boot,  you would see all sort of clothe materials,  bag,  shoes and other accessories.  No be say dem wan donate am for charity oo,  na business dem come do for church.  E no good joor…  😕?:mrgreen:

5. Clothe Parade:

Let’s face it.  We all have that one cloth,  that we only wear to church.  We don’t wear that clothe elsewhere,  just church.  Now some people have like 10 of clothes like that.  So the only reason why they go to church na because dem wan wear their Sunday church cloth.  God dey sha.

“In all,  Happy Sunday to you,  no sleep for church oo.  E be like say that one the vex God sef ” Mugabe.  2seconds ago.

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