5 Hobbies That Would Make You Smarter

Believe it or not, nothing beats smartness as far as this generation is concerned. People respect smart individuals. The smarter you are, the higher your chances of making it in life. The sad part however, is that a larger percentage of us are usually engaged in activities that would not make us smart. We do stuffs that are completely passive and would not add any additional value to our intellectual worth.

In this post, i’d like to share some hobbies that you can pick up, that would not just entertain you but also improve your level of intelligence and in other words, make you smarter.


The more you read, the more informed you are. A larger percentage of Nigeria youth are lazy readers. The reason for this is not far-fetched; we are brought up to see reading as a stressful task. We are always reading about school and other boring stuffs. But reading go way beyond the school books. In fact the knowledge you gain from reading school books is very limited, and would not do you much good.

But when you read books about topics that interest you, then you become more informed and smarter than an average individual.

Do you like politics? Read about politics. Do you like fashion? Read fashion blogs. Do you like programming? Read about it.

You don’t have any excuse. Gone are the days when information was very expensive. Now, it’s cheaper than ever. There are free blogs online, blogs that will educate you and keep you informed. There are soft copy of your favorite book online, so you don’t have to spend money on buying hardcover.

You can also read on the go, on your phone at anytime of the day.

So read more and get smarter.

#2. CHESS:

I am not really good at playing chess, but it’s a game of intelligence. If you can learn and get better at it, you would discover that it develops your reasoning ability.

If you’re a math person, you can also consider playing SUDOKU. It’s another intelligent game.

While I also play graphic games like GTA, NFS and PES. These games would not add to your intellectual value, if anything, it would affect your level of reasoning in the long run.

So play smart games alongside entertaining ones.


If you want to be smarter than your colleague, then learn how to write. Keep writing stuffs. Start a blog and write about what interest you. It does not necessarily have to look like a professional write up. Just pick a topic you find interesting, make research about the topic, and write about the topic on your blog.

The more you write, the better you get at it.

If you want to be smarter, then pick up writing as an hobby.


This is one of the physical activities that influence the level of your smartness. The more you exercise, the higher the volume of blood flowing into your brain cell. In the literal sense of it, it’s like you’re giving your brain more food when you exercise.

If you want to be smarter, then look into exercise or sport event that would make you more active. Football is a good example of exercise, dancing is another example, and weight lifting as well.


This is one of the fastest way to become smarter. Music requires a lot of dedication and mental effort. And the concept of being smart is by exercising your brain cell, by using your brain the more. The more you use your brain, the higher its level of functioning.

So pick up a musical instrument, drums or guitar or keyboard, even clarinet. Just learn something, and exercise your brain. Mater it, be good at it and move on to the next thing.


That’s it. Enjoy the pecks that comes with being smart.

An internet genius, pro-blogger and a student of one of the most prestigious institution in Nigeria. You wanna know more, you can meet me in person

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