4 Ways To Spice Up This ‘Boring’ Position

The missionary position does not have to be boring, it can also be amazing if you use these four tips.
When people think fantastic [email protected]:’ positions, they often think of doggy, reverse cowgirl and so on.
This way of thinking often leaves missionary as the safe or boring position.

However, this is false because this position can actually lead to record-breaking [email protected]:’.

Lori Buckley, Psy.D., a licensed [email protected]:’ therapist inPasadena, California, says that missionary is actually“[email protected]$m-friendly.”

“Most people don’t realize that because missionary allows for a lot of variation, it exposes your nerves to a wider range of sensations and is surprisingly [email protected]$m-friendly”,she said.

Here are four guaranteed ways that will spice up in these ‘traditional’ [email protected]:’ position.

1. Put your legs on his shoulder, then switch: One of the reasons why people say this position is boring is because ladies just lie down there, while guys do all the work. This does not have to be the case, all you have to do is increase the pleasure by putting one leg up, one leg on the bed, then switching legs, occasionally.

2. Make him kneel: Certified [email protected]:’ educatorLou Paget,author ofThe Great Lover Playbook, says,“lie down and have your guy kneel between your legs while sitting back so that his B.utt is resting on his ankles. He can use the strength of his thighs to push forward and thrust, or grab your hips with his hands to control the pace.”

3. Place your hands on his waist or B.utt, and control the pace.

4. Increase your chances of getting an [email protected]$m by placing a pillow under your ass:“Place a pillow under your lower back to tilt your [email protected]!na upward. His Pen.!s will hit that top frontal wall where the G-spot is located, ”Pagetsays.

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