4 Ways $ex Affects The Way You Look

It’s easy to spot someone who has regular $ex because they always look more glowing and youthful. So next time you want to achieve a radiant glow get between the sheets with your partner or go it alone.

There are awesome benefits to having regular $ex, but did you know that $ex also leaves you looking rosier and more beautiful.


Here are four ways this happens.


1. Blood Flow

$ex increases the blood flow to your face leaving your skin glowing.

2. Time Factor

In the short term you’ll look flushed and rosy but over time $ex can make you look younger, reduce wrinkles and even banish acne.

3. Stress Reliever

It’s really simple – $ex decreases stress, which, in turn, reduces stress hormones in the body, which helps to lower inflammation.

4. Masturbation

People tend to be more relaxed when they masturbate so that calm feeling boosts the anti-inflammatory benefits for your skin. The people who typically masturbate tend to have it as part of their daily routine.They do it regularly – they aren’t just masturbating once or twice a month.

Just 20 minutes of $ex does a lot of good for the body – and it doesn’t have to be partner $ex. We’re all $exual beings, which means we all have the opportunity to reap the benefits of $ex, as well.

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