4 Things That Show You’re Too Ambitious

One should have ambition, sure, but too much ambition is very unhealthy. Almost everyone want to hit it big in life, and to those people, there’s no such thing as being too ambitious. But the fact is, you have to tone down a little. Some over ambitious people don’t know it when they over do it, so just so you know, 360BaZe bring you 4 signs that gives you away…

You do too much: Just because you want to prove that you can do all the things, you grab every single project, task, or assignment that’s up for grabs in your office. When your boss wants something done, you are always the first to volunteer – Slow down dear, you’re being too ambitious.

You put yourself in other people’s business: You make it your life duty to snitch on others because to you, you feel they could have done it better because you would have done it better if you were them. O’ boy, calm down because over-ambitiousness is the name of the game you’re playing.

You show yourself too much: Say you’re in a meeting and just because you want to show to everyone including your boss how much you know – you make it your mission to chime in every few minutes so that people know you’re it.

You do everything: Being empowered and having the guts to do what you want is awesome. But jumping around not being able to finish anything is bad. When you’re too ambitious, you lose all sight of practicality, you become indecisive, and sometimes you can’t commit long-term to jobs/projects.

The fact that you take on too much makes it impossible for you actually finish a task so its a sign for you to slow a notch, what do you think???


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