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3 Types Of Women You Should Never Date Or Marry (Must View)

If you want to have a successful
relationship or marriage, there are some
kinds of girls you should not get involved

When you realize that you are dating one of
these women – it is better to leave to save
your sanity, time and money.

1. She is a liar

This girl can be extremely charming and
intelligent. At first you wouldn’t realize that
she is lying.

She can tell you tales which never happened
just to impress you. And some time later she
just starts lying to you for no reasons.

If you catch her, she would try to convince
you with another lie. And then confess to
you that she lied.

And because of your love, you keep
forgiving her. But you should better not
allow a chronic liar to ruin your life.

2. Money lover (ATENU)

She is a nightmare of all Nigerian men.

She is addicted to buying whatever she
wants and whatever she thinks looks good.

These girls are rarely satisfied, and continue
to look for new perfumes, jewelry or clothes.

Her biggest aim is to have a huge wardrobe.

Or to look like some Nollywood star.

She can’t stop buying even if you are not
earning enough for her.

It is her habit. So she will date any man who
can pay her.

If you can’t, she will easily dump you for
someone richer.

3. Lazy girl

There is nothing wrong with her health. But
her favorite hobby is lying on her back and
watching TV.

She hates to do any chores. This girl hunts
for a man who will become her ‘guarding
angel’ and will ‘protect’ her.

So she will let you to get very close to her,
just to turn you into her slave.
If she does not change with time – she is
surely not your partner. It is better to leave
her behind, because she will drain you.

So, dear guys, you should better watch out
for girls of these types of girls.
And you, ladies, avoid being the girl on this
list if you want some trusting, caring and
lasting relationships.

Respect your man and be proud of him.

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