20 Lies People Do Say About $ex…See Number 1& 2

1. The Say $ex Is A Means Of Self-Expression – Lies

2. They Say That $ex Is A Biological And Natural Need That Must Be Met – Lies

3. B.reast Pain, Menstrual Pain And Abdominal Pain Is As A Result Of Not Having $ex – Lies (Biologically It’s Not True)

4. They Say A Person Who Haven’t Had $ex Is Sociologically And Emotionally Unstable – Lies

5. They Say Boys www.GIDIBEST.com.ng Who Are Sxually Inactive Would Have Stomach Pain As A Result Of Accumulation Of Sperms – Lies

6. $ex Is Love – Lies

7. They Say Basically That If It Doesn’t Harm Anyone Nothing Is Wrong With It – Lies

8. They Say That Other Word For $ex Is Making Love – Lies

9. They Say It Enforces Closet And Better Relationship – Lies (Just For Only Married Men And Women)

10. They Say When You Don’t Have $ex You Get Weak And Cannot Perform Well – Lies

11. $exual Experience Would Help People When They Are Doing It Right – Lies

12. They Say Because Everyone Is Doing It, It’s Right – Lies

13. $ex For Young Girls Help Their Development – Lies

14. They Say If You Don’t Start Having $ex Early, You Would Have Problems During Child Birth – Lies

15. The Say Having $ex With A Man Would Enhance His Love For You – Lies

16. They Say The Best Way To Appreciate A Man That Has Been Nice To You Is Through $ex – Lies
17. They Say Since We Have Promised To Get Married www.GIDIBEST.com.ng To Each Other And Our Parents And Families Are Aware Of Our Relationship We Can Have $ex – Lies

18. They Say Man Hate Virgins – Lies

19. They Say You Can Have $ex And Ask For Forgiveness – Lies (For Every Action You Take Has A Consequence)

20. They Say Ladies Who Don’t Have $ex Don’t Look Beautiful And Attractive – Lies

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