15 Things Every Gentleman Should Do Differently

If only I could pull off this look. If wishes were horses.
What is your definition of a gentleman? A man who’s polite and dresses well? A man who knows how to carry himself and how to behave?

Maybe you think all of the above correctly qualify a gentleman.

I believe a true gentleman is not only revealed by his manners and his outfit, but also through his actions. That said, here are 15 things that should make a gentleman standout.

1. A gentleman always challenges himself to do better.
2. A gentleman takes a breath before speaking when he’s upset.
3. A gentleman knows his lady’s favourite drink.
4. A gentleman let’s his significant other monopolise the remote control.
5. A gentleman listens to the advise of older, wiser men.
6. A gentleman opens the door for a lady…Or a man if he gets there first.
7. A gentleman admits when he’s wrong.
8. A gentleman walks with purpose.
9. A gentleman can have a spirited discussion without it turning into an argument.
10. A gentleman takes care of the things he owns and fixes them when they’re damaged.
11. A gentleman isn’t embarrassed when his significant other drags him to see chick flicks.

12. A gentleman realises that little “failures” and bring him closer to to big successes.

13. A gentleman is willing to take the blame but also shares the credit.
14. A gentleman can be assertive without being a prick.
15. A gentleman understands that the term consists of equal parts “gentle” and “man” and doesn’t allow one to supersede the other.
There you have it. This list is by no means exhaustive and I decided not to expatiate on any of the items because that could turn this post into a series and I am not very good at keeping up with those.
Feel free to leave your own thoughts on what sets a gentleman apart in the comments section.
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