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15 Dos And Don’ts For Making 2015 Your Healthiest Year Ever

This is the time of year when people are generally
making resolutions to live a better life, and one of
the most common resolutions is to be more
healthy. If that sounds like a resolution you
would like to make yourself, here are 17 quick
fire tips to make your life healthier. Some
obvious, some not so obvious. Let’s get started!

1. Do Stop Smoking
You know it’s bad for you, you’ve probably been
telling yourself that you’ll quit one day. Make that
day today! If you keep putting it off you will be a
50+ with ruined lungs before you know it.

2. Don’t Eat All That Chocolate

Chances are you got lots of chocolate for
Christmas, either as gifts or just left over from the
festivities. Sure, a little over-indulgence is fine,
but now it’s time to get back to healthy living, so
our advice is this: any remaining chocolate, give
away to a local charity or save it for birthday gifts
– don’t eat it all!

3. Do Get Private Medical

Depending where you live there may be a public
health system or not, but if you really care about
your health you should never under-estimate the
value of private health insurance. If something
serious happens, it’s nice knowing you are

4. Don’t Sit Down Too Much

People who lead sedentary lives are more likely
to be overweight and suffer various health
problems. If your job sees you sitting down for
hours per day, make sure your evenings are
spent being active and upright.

5. Do Get Enough Sleep

Working too hard? Again, you know that you need
more sleep, but did you know that a chronic lack
of sleep can lead to heart disease, strokes, high
blood pressure and more!

6. Don’t Get Too Stressed

Stress is also a huge killer. If you are stressed
about something, try to fix it. The most common
stressors are money and work. If you are stressed
about money, consider creating a budget and
managing your finances better. If your job is a big
source of stress maybe it’s time for a change of

7. Do Travel More

Traveling is a wonderful thing to do for so many
reasons, but it also helps with a couple of the
above points; it helps reduce stress, makes you
happy, gets you moving and on your feet…

8. Don’t Spend So Much Time On Your Phone
There are still question marks about the potential
health effects of cell phones, but moreover,
spending too much time on your phone can
cause RSI problems, eyestrain and inactivity.

9. Do Eat More Fat

The point here is that foods which are low in fat,
or fat-free are often full of artificial sweeteners
which are much worse. So learn to avoid artificial
foods and don’t be afraid of healthy natural fats.

10. Don’t Eat Too Much Fat

Of course while fat is not unhealthy per say,
processed fats are. Additionally, all fat is very
calorie dense, so overdoing it can lead to weight
gain. As with everything in life, moderation is key.

11. Do Start Exercising More

Exercise is so incredibly good for you that you
just can’t imagine. The best forms of exercise are
the ones you enjoy, because if you don’t enjoy it
you will eventually stop doing it. So why not try
to find yourself a new, healthy hobby this year?

12. Don’t Exercise Too Much

Surprisingly, too much exercise can be unhealthy
too. Although I am not talking about running a
few times a week. 99% of people need not worry.
But if you are a health nut, or a marathon runner,
be aware that there are downsides (health-wise) to
super-endurance exercise can be bad for your
heart. We are actually much better adapted for
brief bursts (up to 20 minutes) of very high
intensity exercise.

13. Do Join A Gym

Lifting weights is a great way to exercise. It’s more
fun than jogging (depending on your tastes) and
it’s an appropriate form of exercise for men and
women, no-matter the age. It’s good for your
posture, your bones, your circulatory system and
it will make you feel good.

14. Don’t Eat Junk Food

Junk food, fast food, ready meals and anything
that doesn’t start out as a raw ingredient is
probably not healthy. If you lead a busy lifestyle,
find time to plan your meals so that you never
find yourself having to nip to McDonalds (hint:
skipping a meal is healthier than resorting to a
Big Mac).

15. Do Cook More

The easiest way for most people to become
healthier is to start cooking their own meals.
Anything that is not cooked from scratch will
almost certainly contain lots of unhealthy
chemicals and additives. Eat whatever you like,
just so long as you cook it from scratch and
you’ll probably be healthier.

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