15 ‘Bro Code’ Commandments Every Man Should Always Follow

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As a focused man, there are bro codes you need to adhere to when matters concerning your close friends come into play. These rules help in creating harmony and crisp co-existence.

Here are bro code commandments you should always follow. No matter what:

1. Thou shall not covet thy friend’s girlfriend, wife, mistress or ex.
It’s plain disrespectful and inconsiderate. Any man found doing this should be banished from planet earth and sent to live with aliens.

2. Thou shall not exile your male roommate without prior notice.
This specifically applies to young guys who don’t have their own solo houses, If you live with someone and you want to bring a partner over, you should tell your roommate in advance so that he can prepare to evacuate the premises several hours in advance. Don’t just surprise him.

3. Thou shall not snitch on your friend.
If your friend’s girlfriend ormpango wa kandosuspects there is another woman and asks you about it, deny. If she is armed with evidence, say you know nothing about it. Never set up your bro.

4. Love thy friend as you love yourself.
Help him in times of need. Always wish the best for him and never be jealous of his achievements.

5. Thou shall never talk ill of a friend behind his back.
If you have a problem with your friend, tell him face to face. Do not engage in a bad-mouthing spree.

6. Thou shall not allow a bro to drink too much.
A bro ought to be denied further access to alcohol when he starts acting silly

7. Thou should save your friend if he is taking a wrong path in life.
If you feel like your friend is losing the plot, it’s your duty to bring him back in line. Real bros don’t just sit as spectators while their friends are going astray.

8. Thou should not be a parasite to your friend.
Thou should not be fed or bought drinks for without giving anything in return. Thou ought to contribute and treat your friend too. 50-50.

9. Thou shall not take your bromance too far.
It’s okay to be tight buddies but don’t act like twins or a couple that’s in love. No inappropriate touching or funny phrases in speech. Always be manly.

10. Thou should always put your bro before a new woman at any time.
Never allow your friendship to break because of a girl unless the bro is acting really jealous.

11. Never take an item belonging to your buddy without telling him first.
Men have special attachments to special things. If you want something of his, just borrow it, don’t take.

12. Thou shall not remain angry at your bro forever.
Men don’t hold lengthy grudges. Men reconcile.

13. Thou shall defend a bro when he is being attacked.
Whether it’s physically or verbally, don’t just sit back while your buddy is being violated. Do something. Anything, please.

14. Never forget the bros you grew up with if you become successful.
Sometimes you might end up more successful than the guys you grew up with. The guys who always had your back. Never forget them . Always help them where necessary.

15. Don’t be all over thy bro. Give him some ‘alone time’.
Some men just can’t stay away from their friends. This is not cool. It’s suffocating. Everyone needs some alone time. So once in a while, just do things on your own.

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