13 Things Only Those Who Went To Catholic Schools Can Understand

Catholic schools are unique, and only those who went through them can understand life there.

Here are 13 things you will only understand if you went to a Catholic school:

1. Prayers every morning.
They are compulsory. Miss a mass and you will have a date with the teachers and Priest.

2. Sacrament of reconciliation.
Also known as confession. They were scary, especially if you did something terrible and was afraid of telling the Priest.

3. Ash Wednesday.
The first day of Lent. You’d have a blob of ash on your forehead during the Holy Mass.

4. All Catholic schools have Chapels.
The morning prayers and confessions were held there.

5. Rosary prayers.

6. The dress code.
You’d get punished if you untuck your shirt.

7. You’d pray several times a day, even if you didn’t want.

8. You always thought about the Holy Cross.

9. You always thought the devil was hidden everywhere.
Any unusual movement in your room at night made you think the devil was around.

10. No [email protected]:’ education classes.
And you were told [email protected]:’ before marriage is very a big sin.

11. You felt guilty if you broke any of the 10 commandments.

12. You believed God is the creator of everything.
And Science is a myth.

13. Most, if not all of your childhood friends went to Catholic schools.

Agree with our list?

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