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10 Richest African Musician 2014 (You Need To See This)

We see lists of richest Nigerian acts everywhere,
so we decided to take it a step futher and educate
you on the 10 richest African Musicians in 2014,
not a lot of surprises on here:

10. Jose Chameleone

Stage name Joe Chameleone,he is a popular
raggae musician from Uganda and he started his
career at a very young age in the early 90′s. He is
regarded as the act who redefined local Ugandan
music in the wake of the 21st century and is also
the biggest money maker in East Africa.

9. Banky W

Olubankole Wellignton that HEAD of EME, also
sometimes referred to as the King of African RnB.
He grew up Lagos and started singing in church at
a really young age. The man has been brand
ambassador for etisalat and is currently the face
Samsung Mobile products in the entire West
Africa. Signing artistes like Wizkid couldn’t have
hurt making his way to number 9 on this list.

8. Hugh Masekela

Born April 4 1939, Hugh Masekela is a South
African composer, singer & trumpeter. He is by
far the most talented jazz performer in Africa
(Yemisax do you understand?) Hugh Masekela has
been nominated for a Grammy in the best
contemporary Pop performance category. He
makes stupid money on invitation to festivals and
albums across the world.]

7. 2Face Idibia

From grass to grace. African queen was the song
that got the ball rolling for this man. ever since
then he has been unstoppable. Born in Jos,
Plateau state, Innocent Idibia makes around
80,000 USD per show. That is all you need to
know really.

6. Fally Ipupa

Fally Ipupa is from the Democratic Republic of
Congo, started the early days of his career
working on Koffi Olomide’s band. Before he later
started his own solo career and later becoming
on of Africa’s biggest acts. If you don’t know who
Fally Ipupa is then… I really don’t know what to
say to you.

5. Salif Keita

Let me just begin by saying Salif Keita is an
incredible talent, his music is unbelievable even
though I don’t understand 80% of it most time I
try to Google out the lyrics and translate. Proud
citizen of Mali, Salif keita was born August 25
1949. Very humble with his wealth, he is a direct
descendant of the creator of the Mali empire
“Sundiata Keita”. Which kind of meant he should
never have been allowed to become a singer. But
when you hear the “Golden voice of Africa” sing
you just have to be thankful he became a singer.
He owns a private island in France.

4. Koffi Olomide

Antoinne Cristophe Agbepa also known as Koffi
Olomide was born July 13 1956 in DR Congo.
Has up to 7 albums already and charges abut
100,000 euros per show. Straight up walking bag
of money this man.

3. D’banj

No surprises here, well deserved success from
the Koko Master, what he lacks in talent he makes
up for with hardwork and entertainment. From
Mohits to Good Music to DB records. D’banj is
easily the most successful Nigerian act till date.
D’banj counts his millions in the dollars. Earning
upwards of 100,000 USD per show.

2. P Square

This twins are like walking money, can you “taste
the money?” Pun intended. They both live in
square villa, estimated to be worth well over 3
million dollars…. Inside lagos ooo. They have
deals with Akon’s Konvict music and Universal.
Earning well over 150,000 USD per show they are
the second richest on our list.

1. Youssou N’Dour

Born October 1st 1959, Youssou N’Dour is a
Senegalese singer, composer, business man &
politician. Recently appointed as the Tourism and
Culture minister by the new prime minister
Abdoul Mbaye, Youssou has remarkable
investments in real estate, owns radio and TV
stations. The Senegalese will describe him as
“perhaps the most famous singer alive”..
Unfortunately he is not so famous around this
parts (Correct me if I’m wrong).
Safe to say most of his wealth did’t come from
actual music yes? But still he’s our number 1.
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