10 Reasons Why It’s Often Hard For Guys & Girls To Be Just Good Friends & Nothing More

It is quite a difficult task to remain friends with an opposite s*x and not fall in love, for these reasons…

Can men and women be friends? Any sensible, modern thinking person would say that, of course, men and women can be close friends and nothing more.
But is it really that simple? Like it or not, both men and women are made, by nature, to seek out a mate in members of the opposite gender, and that natural urge can’t always be put completely to one side.

Guys and girls should be able to be just friends, and we want to be, but here are ten reasons why it’s not quite as easy as you might think:

1. One of you will eventually develop feelings for the other
As we said in our introduction, when two members of the opposite gender become close, nature will do its best to take things further. At some point in time, and you know that it often happens, it is quite likely that the thought of taking the friendship further will cross someone’s mind, even if only briefly.

2. Jealousy can creep into the equation
A man can get jealous when a close male buddy starts to spend more time with another guy, so it’s bound to happen in a girl / guy friendship too. It can get more complicated though, in an opposite gender friendship, and it can be more difficult for both sides to handle.

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