How To Open Multiple Applications In Java S40 Phones.

How To Open Multiple Applications In Java S40 Phones.

Good News for Nokia S40 (java phone) users who do not have Task Managers on their Phone and wish to open Many Apps at a time. Just like Symbian Phones..

For You to be able to do this, follow the below steps:
Visit ==> Register there, After that click on “My Midlets” then add any Application/Software you want..

NOTE: Before you Start Working on the above Site, Pls download all the Applications you want first. ==> You can Add Application via link or by uploading from a Computer (You can download any Software e.g Opera, Ebuddy and anything from our Download Zone), then Upload them there. ==> After you have finished Uploading them, Now goto “Create Your Project” and Add any of the Software that u have uploaded

NOTE: Adding too much Application is not advisable because it might slow down your Phone.

Project: Name: Manager: Language: Certificate: Click on Name, then give the Midleta name, e.g My Apps > Click Manager and change it to light > Click Certificate and changeit to Exp, then Click ok > Ignore Permissions > Click BUILD. After Building, You can download it.

NOTE: To minimize an Application u just need to hold down the (* buton) To resume it, just click on the Application.

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